May. 23rd, 2019

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Introductory Course

The introductory course is just that: an introduction to dancing.
You will be introduced to 1 - 3 step patterns in about 3 - 6
different dances. The goal of these first few lessons is to show
you what is available and to begin laying your dancing foundation.

Foundation Course

Your next several lessons are considered the Foundation Course. The Foundation Course is designed to get you out on the floor and able to "Get By". You will be shown a couple more step patterns in each of your selected dances, and you will be solidifying the basic patterns shown in the Introductory Course. Your instructor will also begin introducing you to some basic dancing techniques as you become more comfortable with what your feet are doing and can start to think about how to lead, follow, etc. Expect to spend 2 - 6 months on your Foundation Course, depending upon how many dances you're working on, how often you take your lessons, etc. After you finish your Foundation Course, you may continue to your Bronze. This is your grade-school of dancing.

Bronze Course

Bronze is the full Social Standard. Students who have completed a Bronze Course are considered competent Social Dancers. By the time you finish your Bronze, you will feel confident and at ease on the dance floor with most any partner. You will know a variety of patterns in the dances that you choose. You will have the technique and styling that will make you look and feel good to yourself and your partners. You should feel comfortable whether at a dance party, a country-western club, a nightclub, or a grand ball. Expect to spend a couple of years, minimum, on your Bronze Course. Consider this to be your High School Diploma.

Silver Course

After completing your Bronze Course, you may continue on to Silver. By the time you get to the Silver level, we are not talking strictly social dancing any more. The Silver Course is marked by advanced technique and styling, as well as flashy movements which make the Silver dancer stand out on the dance floor. While some of the Silver step patterns can be danced socially, some are designed with the large ballroom or competition floor in mind. The Silver Course is for those whose goal is to be a cut above the rest. Think of Silver as your Bachelor's Degree.

Gold Course

The Gold Course is for the Stars! Gold is a level strictly for the hobby dancer who just enjoys learning more and more, or for the competitive or exhibition style dancers. Gold is not for the strictly social dancer. Most Gold patterns will not even fit on a social floor. This is for the people who want to get their "Ph.D." in dancing.

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