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There as many answers to this question as there are students who dance. Among some of the reasons offered are wanting to dance at a special occasion (such as a wedding); wanting to keep up with a spouse who dances well; wanting to impress a date; developing a sense of achievement in a hobby; or just because they love to dance as well and often as possible!

Many students fall into one of the following three categories:

  • For Your Health: Dancing is a fun way to keep fit (sometimes with a friend or spouse),
    which offers not only aerobic activity and the development of greater flexibility, but also improves posture,
    carriage, grace, and poise. The fun involved also helps ease stress and promote relaxation.

  • Social Advantage: Many students either want to take better advantage of social occasions that involve dancing, or like to develop a hobby that provides many social outlets and a way to meet new people. Dancing is a great way to get more fun out of life, increase self-confidence, and develop greater ease and social assurance. Outings involving dancing promote interaction with others and can help develop conversational ability. Moreover, a good dancer is likely to get invited to occasions where their skills are popular!

  • Dance Competitively: Although many students don't start dancing for this reason, they get a taste for it once their skills improve and they enter their first competition. Dance competitions are held at all levels all over the country and can be an exciting way to visit new places and feel challenged by new situations. Some students know from the start that they wish to develop their skills to a highly competitive level and look at it as a second career.

Whatever your reasons for considering dance lessons, you may find the benefits to be much greater than you expected once you get through your first course.

About the Instructor

Mike is currently teaching independently in the Urbana Champaign, Illinois area and is accepting individual students and couples of all levels and ages. Contact him for rates and additional information at 217-378-4601, or e-mail mikeweaver.cota@yahoo.com

More about Mike.

Types of Lessons

Four levels of courses are taught. Although Mike primarily teaches private lessons, he is available to teach group classes on a one-time only or recurring basis. Mike also offers individual coaching for professional dancers. For more information on lessons click here.

Dances Taught Include:

Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, ChaCha, East Coast Swing, Samba, Mambo, Merengue, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Paso Doble, Bolero, West Coast Swing, Salsa and more.

Unlike most dance studios you do not have to purchase large lesson blocks or entire courses in advance. Mike charges on a pay as you go basis only and rates are determined by how often you take classes.

Gift Certificates!

Dance classes make a great gift for weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions. Gift certificates are available for purchase year-round in denominations of $10 or more for both existing and new students. The recipients can apply the certificates to any lesson course. (Note: Gift certificates are valid for six months from the purchase date.)

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