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Private Lessons

Private lessons are where you (or you and your partner) have the full attention of the instructor. On a private lesson you can learn the step patterns of the various dances, but most importantly, you can learn how to make the steps look and feel comfortable. Don't fall into the same trap that others do, believing that all you have to do is to learn the steps and you'll be a good dancer!

There are many people out there who know the steps but are no better dancers than the day they started because they did not take the time to learn the necessary technique. Your study of dance should be a balance of both steps and technique, and private lessons are the best place for that.


Private Lessons may be taken at any time which fits your schedule and your instructor's. They may be taken any number of times per week, and more than one at a time on the same day. They do not have to be taken the same day and time every week.

When you first begin taking lessons, however, it is important to keep your lessons as close together as possible. This allows less time for you to "forget" what you were shown on the previous lesson, which means that your instructor won't have to spend as much time reviewing. This, of course, will give you more time to spend on new material, allowing you to progress faster, and, in the long run, will save you money.

Public Dances

The Regent Ballroom, where I teach my lessons, offers weekly public dances. This is important for your dance training for several reasons.

First, you will get a chance to meet and dance with other people as interested in dancing as you are. It's always fun to share a hobby with others. Also important is the fact that dancing with the other students will help you to become a better dancer. Whether you are learning by yourself or with a partner, the more different people you practice leading or following, the better leader or follower you will be.

Second, dancing at the Public Dances will get you used to maneuvering on a crowded floor. On your private lesson, all we have to do is not run into a wall, but at a real dance you have to avoid running into other dancers!

Also, dancing at these Public Dances is the real thing! This is why you're learning to dance, so that you can go out dancing! And the more you go out dancing in public, the more confident you'll be.

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